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Air Ambulance Services

We offer air ambulance/emergency evacuation services to corporate organizations, hospitals and private individuals who require air ambulance to evacuate their clients to any country where they can be provided the best healthcare treatment.

Flygrandest started operations in Nigeria since 2019, Over the past three years of commencement of air ambulance services, we have successfully evacuated clients from multi-billion dollars oil firms operating in Nigeria, government agencies and private high net worth individuals to various hospitals in Germany, London, Dubai and India.

What is air ambulance and commercial air stretcher?

Air ambulance is an airplane or helicopter that is equipped to give a critical, emergency or pre hospital care to all types of patients while transporting them to the hospital.

The commercial stretcher – All hope is not lost if a client cannot afford an air ambulance, our aviation doctors would offer you privacy and premium medical care aboard a commercial flight at a very affordable price

Our Doctors

Aeromedical transfer of the patient from any city in Nigeria to other parts of Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA.

We are tied up with experienced partners – Aviation Doctors with Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) certificate and Critical Care in Aeromedical transfer (CCTA) certificate

Visa is not an issue for the accompanying Doctors as most of the Aviation doctors have dual citizens



Flygrandest can provide hospitals from 10 countries for the client and we recommend the hospital to go to depending on the case as we have loads of experience to guide client if requested

Ground Ambulance

Flygrandest provides ground ambulance from hospital or location in Nigeria to airport and also from airport in destination country to Hospital in destination country.

 Tarmac Clearance is gotten by Flygrandest 

Tarmac in this context is an airport runway and a clearance is needed to get the ground ambulance close to the air ambulance. This also allows the immigration officials come to the aircraft to clear all the passengers including the patient. Please note that besides the request as shown below, an amount is to be paid into the government account, The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria would give account details to pay the money into.

The tarmac request must state the plate number of ground ambulance, name of driver and those accompanying the patient. Their international passport copies would be expected to accompany the application.  


Factors that determine cost of air ambulance

The clinical condition of the patient

The patient’s location and the distance they need to travel

The type of aircraft required (Smaller aircraft/Larger aircraft)

The number of medical staff and the specialist required

The Medical equipment needed for the patient

Type of patient – Adult, Pediatric or Neonate

The journey required by ground ambulance


The larger jets will cost more than the smaller aircraft.
However, the larger jets would fly with lesser fuel stops compared to a smaller aircraft.For example, an Air Ambulance flight from Abuja or Lagos to the United States will fly with four to five fuel stops with a small jet, but the same distance can be done in two to one fuel stops with a larger aircraft.


Kindly note that

  • for international flights, we do not recommend hawker except the case do not require oxygen or ventilator
  • We can get about half of these rates via the commercial stretchers
  • Any cancellation after activation would involve a 20% non-refundable fee
  • Any cancellation after flight has commenced would involve a total non-refundable fee
  • International flights from any other city besides Lagos and Abuja would attract additional 7000USD
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