Giving Birth in Chile

The following are the benefits of Childbirth in Chile

– Your child gets dual citizenship: Chilean , Nigerian
– With Chilean Citizenship, visa- free access to 157 Countries. It is one of the two Countries in the world to provide Visa-free access to all Group of Eight(G8) Countries IE USA, Canada,France,United Kingdom,Italy,Russia,Germany and Japan.
– Residence Visa for Parents
– More options and freedom for your Child in life; freedom to work, Live, Invest, Retire in more than 157 Countries.
– Chile does not tax its citizen who do not reside in the Country.
Quality healthcare, as most of the doctors train in the USA and Europe and can speak English.
– Chile is the safest Country in Latin America and second safest in the western hemisphere after Canada( According to the United Nations office on drugs and crime)