Childbirth tourism in Mexico

Birth tourism refers to the practice of visiting another nation with the intention of giving birth there. Mexico practices the ‘Jus Soli’ which is the right of citizenship to anyone born in a territory. Having dual citizenship is an amazing privilege. You can use your second passport to enter more countries and reside abroad as well.

According to the Henley Passport Index, as of 11 January 2022, Mexican nationals enjoyed access to 159 countries (including the entire Schengen area) and territories without a visa or with one upon arrival, placing the Mexican passport 24th in terms of travel freedom. This makes it a good motivation to acquire Mexican citizenship.

Benefits of having a Mexican passport/giving birth in Mexico.

  1. Your nationality from your home country will remain intact. You will hold two nationalities/citizenship.
  2. Citizens enjoy reduced educational costs.
  3. Passport and travel freedom; most passports allow you easier access to visa-free travel than the Nigerian passport.
  4. You have the same rights and privileges as other citizens of the nation.
  5. Dual citizens are entitled to a number of privileges, including the freedom to live and work in both countries, the opportunity to own property in both, and relatively simple transit between them.
  6. Access to quality health care. Mexico offers universal healthcare, which means all of its residents and citizens are eligible for free medical care.
  7. You can vote in the country if you have a Mexican passport.
  8. Parents get permanent residence and family members get permanent residence after two years.
  9. Mexico has favorable conditions for investment.
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Hospitals in Mexico

Healthcare in Mexico is provided by government agencies, private hospitals and clinics, and public facilities run by private doctors. In the country, the Infant mortality rate is low, compared to other countries, which makes Mexico a good country to birth your child. Also, the price of childbirth is very Favorable.

Most hospitals in Mexico are JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited and millions of people from around the world (including the United States of American citizens) travel to Mexico every year for medical treatment. The doctors in the country continuously improve themselves and their hospitals are well-equipped with modern Equipment.

Mexican Visa from Nigeria

Mexican visa is an appearance visa, meaning you have to physically attend the visa interview – since your biometric information will be needed. There is only one Mexican office in Nigeria and the embassy is in the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja.

Steps to traveling to Mexico for Child Birth Tourism

Before becoming pregnant, you should think about a few things, including the location of the birth and Mexico is a beautiful location for childbirth. Moreover, Mexico’s birth rate is high. In Mexico, there are public and private hospitals. However, much like in most other nations, there may be language hurdles and lengthy wait times at public hospitals in Mexico. Private ones, on the other hand, are of a higher caliber and draw many medical tourists each year. You’ll be released from the hospital in less than 24 hours for a typical birth without any complications.

  • Once you are pregnant and you have decided that you will like to birth your child in Mexico.
  • Contact Flygrandest Consulting and health planning.
  • Flygrandest will ask some questions and request some of your personal details.
  • Flygrandest will also give you the necessary information and support to assist you in reaching the best decision.
  • We will also help you with visa processing (for Nigerians, the Mexican embassy is only in the Federal capital territory- Abuja), meaning that every traveler will have to go to the Federal capital territory- Abuja in order to obtain their visas.   
  • After you get your visa, we will assist you in getting your plane ticket.
  • Next, we will assist you with choosing an apartment for your stay in Mexico.
  • Also, we will assist in choosing whether to give birth in a private or public hospital and getting you a good Mexican doctor.
  • A team member of Flygrandest / partner will accompany the mother to the hospital both before and after the baby is delivered.
  •  We can also make an arrangement for a tour around the city (T & C applies).
  • Obtaining a passport, ID, and birth certificate from Mexico for your infant that shows citizenship in Mexico.
  • Our partner/team will assist get the necessary vaccines for your baby.
  • We will also aid with residence permits for parents.
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Flygrandest will give you the best every day, together through life.