1. Will I go to Ghana or Nairobi for the interview?
Yes, you will so we advise you start your visa processing immediately

2. How much is visa fee and when do I pay?

Visa fee is between 113USD and 225USD, it depends on what is applied for and you pay only when your visa is out, sounds ridiculous right?

3. Will I be picked up at the Airport by your a member of your team?
Certainly you would be picked

4.Can I extend my stay in Chile
Yes, you can, we will assist you

5. How long would it take for my baby’s Chilean”s passport and ID card to be ready?
In five to ten working days, your baby’s passport and ID card will be ready

6 .How do we renew the child’s passport in 5 years since the consulate isn’t in Nigeria?
You can renew passport in the Consulate of Chile of any country

7. Do parents get residence visa and Chilean ID card and how long does it take

Yes, we do this for you, the mother has to contact us before she is seven months pregnant to enable us start the process as it is a prerequisite for your baby to have Chilean passport. Processing time is 30 days

8. What is required of me by law after my husband and I receive the residence visa? How long is it durable for and what are my obligations?

The residence visa is valid for one year and you are expected to renew it

9. If I don’t renew the residence, what happens to/with my status? What about the child’s citizenship?
You lose it if you do not renew it. However, Child Citizenhip is forever and does not depend on parents

10. What is the weather like in Chile? So we can prepare accordingly?

Summer months are December, January and February. January is the hottest month about 21 degrees while June, July and August are winter months and coldest in June about 9 degrees

11. Are we required to come with a car seat?
You can buy at Chile, this depends on you

12. Break down of hospital fees (does it include epidural/anesthetist? Pediatrician check? Immediate vaccinations? Well baby check as per hearing and Co?, circumcision if a boy,days of in-hospital stay, mode of delivery, lactation consultation, post partum visit?,

This depends on the package chosen by you.

13. Any untold bills/hidden charges? Eg. Lab tests or anything.

Hospitals charge Scan and blood tests separately

14. If we have to move around in Chile eg. shopping and stuff will that be taken care of or do we have to find our way?
We will take you to the shopping mall once and show you around. Subsequently you go yourself

15. Is there Uber? and is it SAFE ?

There is Uber and it is safe, it is far more affordable than than hiring a car for the day

16. Any churches or mosques around?
There are more catholic churches than Pentecostal and few few mosques. Mosque is available in Santiago

17. Any tourism sites to see as well?
Sure, we can arrange that but at an extra cost

18. What infant formula is available? Are we going to receive any from the hospital?
No, we advise mothers buy from Nigeria, however, during the hospital stay, if mother does not lactate, the hospital provides for the baby

19. What requirements do we need to take to the hospital on the day of delivery?
Pack all you need from Nigeria and depending on hospital you choose, we will get a list from them

20. Accommodation:
– Safety and security!!!
– Clean, sane, serene, agreeable environment
– Air conditioning
– Heating
– WiFi
– Equipped kitchen
– TV exclusive to us in room/apartment
– Washer
– Dryer
– Non-smoking apartment

Basic Amenities are available like Equipped Kitchen, TV, Iron, Wifi, heating are available, Dryer and Washer available, it could be free or at a fee
Air conditioning not included as weather is good all through the year and fresh ocean air

21. Will we be taken back to the the airport when leaving Chile?
You will be responsible for the Uber charges