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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism also known as Health tourism is when an individual seeks medical treatment in another country other than their home country.

At Flygrandest we offer inbound and outbound services with internationally accredited hospitals that are cost effective. Our partner hospitals are located in Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Nigeria and India.



  • Firstly, Flygrandest will request for your medical report and within 48hours you will receive an estimate from our partner hospital in the destination country of your choice. This hospital will match your medical requirements and budget.
  • Secondly, we will schedule an online/video consultation between the doctor and patient (upon request).
  • After you have accepted the estimated, our team will provide all necessary information needed to secure your medical visa, we will also assist you in booking your airline ticket, and getting all other necessary documents (fit to fly, travel insurance, invitation letter from hospital. Etc.).
  • Our team will also assist in booking a suitable accommodation for you.
  • Upon request, a member of our team will serve as an escort at the airport.


  • A team member will welcome you and your companion at the destination airport and make arrangements for a transfer to the medical facility or hotel.
  • In the case where ground ambulance is needed, we will make provision for it.
  • During the admission and discharge process, a team member will be with you to assist and make every process seamless.
  • A team member will visit regularly at the hospital and make sure you and your companion are well.


  • Flygrandest will follow up with you time to time until you are well recovered. Flygrandest will give you the best every day, together through life.
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