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Visa Application

We currently render Visa Procurement services to Dubai, India,South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, India, UK, USA, Canada, and Chile.


FlyGrandest offers first-class ticketing services on both local and international flights. We provide the above stated service to both individuals and corporate bodies to enable them achieve their travel plans to any destination in the world.

Birth Tourism

Giving Birth in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Canada and other developed countries is the wish of every couple.
Our experienced team of advisers will guide and direct you on all you need to do to achieve this. We have helped alot of people to achieve this in the past.


We operate by providing professional advice on the necessary documentation and ticket requirements peculiar to each Embassy and country, submission and follow up through our reliable contacts at the Embassies.

The best way to travel.

We have handled hundreds of successful applications across all continents of the world.
We ensure you get the best location most convenient for you and your family members amongst available seats.
Allow us to handle all your travel logistics. We concur that the best travel happens when travel decisions are made by efficient travel companies like ours. Using efficient approach, we will make sure your tickets and travel reservations are made according to your desires.

Why give birth in Chile?

Chile is safe

Chile is the safest country in Latin America, and the second safest in the Western Hemisphere after Canada (according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). It is even safer than the USA when it comes to homicides.

Learn more about Childbirth Tourism

One of the most popular reason and perhaps, the most contributory factor to the increase of birth tourism is securing citizenship for the children. Many parents prefer to birth their children in other countries so the children can have another citizenship apart from that of their parents. In this case, it occurs in countries that allow citizenship by birth. The doctrine “jus soli,” which means “right of earth” simply suggests that if one is born in a place, one has a right to belong to that particular place and some countries operate based on this doctrine, making it easy for parents that want their kids to be citizens of other countries. Another important fact to note is that for this reason, the rush is usually to developed countries that others want to be recognized with like the United States or Canada.

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