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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism also known as Health tourism is when an individual seeks medical treatment in another country other than their home country.

Air Ambulance Services

We offer air ambulance/emergency evacuation services to corporate organizations, hospitals, and

Procurement of Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices

Procurement of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

With FlyGrandest, you can expect a tailored approach to acquiring state-of-the-art medical devices, carefully selected to meet the unique requirements of your healthcare practice.

Visa, Ticketing & Tours

Flygrandest   helps with an easy visa application process at affordable rate .With our experience over the years we pride

The best way to travel.

We have handled hundreds of successful applications across all continents of the world.
We ensure you get the best location most convenient for you and your family members amongst available seats.
Allow us to handle all your travel logistics. We concur that the best travel happens when travel decisions are made by efficient travel companies like ours. Using efficient approach, we will make sure your tickets and travel reservations are made according to your desires.

Why give birth in Chile?

Chile is safe

Chile is the safest country in Latin America, and the second safest in the Western Hemisphere after Canada (according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). It is even safer than the USA when it comes to homicides.
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