When it comes to transit in Istanbul for Nigerian passport holders, there are
important things you should know. As a Nigerian passport holder, you are not
entitled to the e-visa for accommodations during layovers. So, if you are planning to
use Istanbul as a transit to reach your destination, and you would be having a layover
more than 8hours, you should have a budget at least 320USD for hotel in the airport
or you can plan to rest at the airport throughout your layover.

Istanbul Airport is quite modern and offers various amenities for travelers, and it is
known for their passenger-friendly services. The airport provides different services
to make your experience an enjoyable one, though their services are limited.
Inside the airport, you would find a wide range of dining options, from quick bites
to full-service restaurants, where you can have delicious meals, either Turkish
cuisine or international flavors. As a Nigerian passport holder, Turkish airline would
offer you complimentary foods and drinks: for example, Turkish airline offers a meal
voucher for Nigerian passport holders which you can use every 5hours. However,
just keep in mind that there are specific restaurants where you can redeem your meal

There are also plenty of shops at the airport to do some shopping, where you can
find everything from local souvenirs to luxury brands. If you need to freshen up, the
airport has shower facilities available for passengers to use. You can also find prayer
rooms and quiet areas where you can relax and unwind during your layover.
If you are interested in immersing yourself in the local culture, you can check out
the airport’s museum, which showcases Turkish art and history. Don’t forget to take
a stroll and admire the modern architecture of the airport as well. There is plenty to
keep you entertained during your layover.

Additionally, the airport offers free Wi-Fi access for one hour, so you can stay easily
connected with your loved ones or get some work done while waiting. Charging
stations are also available to keep your devices powered up.
Remember to check the airport’s website or inquire at information desks for specific
services and facilities available during your transit. Each airport may have its own
unique offerings to enhance your transit experience.
I hope this gives you a better idea of the amenities and services available to you
during your transit in Istanbul